Roland Pichler

Masseur, Ski- & Bikeguide at Krallerhof

Natur boy and sports talent

Roland has been at the Krallerhof since 2003, therefore he is one of the really loyal and long Krallerhof team members. His vocation is everything that has to do with sports and movement. Roland is living his passion and likes to pass on his knowledge and skills to the guests of the Krallerhof. There is hardly any sport that Roland is not good at: he is a certified bike park guide and likes to give private lessons and biking courses for children. He is also responsible for the youth outdoor program at the Krallerhof - years later the boys and girls are still talking about the adventures of canyoning and canoeing or the casual tennis smash that they learned from Roland. Roland is also the best ski instructor in the Altenberger ski scene in winter and the guests can see him doing spectacular jumps at the weekly ski shows in winter. Apart from sports, guests appreciate Roland's skills as a masseur: classic massages, sports massages and shiatsu are his special disciplines in this area. What is Roland doing in his spare time? This question is not difficult to answer - the nature boy born in Leogang prefers to spend his free time in the beautiful mountains of the "Steinernes Meer" and the peaks of the Pinzgau!

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