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Balance Alpine 1000+

Natural cosmetics for sensitive skin

Fresh mountain air. Clean spring water. Spectacularly idyllic landscapes. And a wealth of healing plants. These have been our sources of inspiration in creating Balance Alpine 1000+. This unique cosmetic line combines all the healthy properties of our natural Alpine environment, harnessing the soothing powers of high-potent herbs and natural substances.

Balance Alpine 1000+ is an all-natural skin care line, completely free of preservatives, parabens, ingredients of mineral origin and artificial colours. The products are suited for all skin types and even to those who have sensitive skin.

High-potent herbal extracts

The basic ingredients of the Best Alpine 1000+ line

The basic ingredients used in our all-natural, sensitive skin care are Alpine herbs and plants such as balm, edelweiss, amber and evening primrose. Herbal extracts are derived from yarrow, dandelion, thyme and angelica. Inspired by Paracelsus, we process plants in whole in order to capture their complete spectrum of healing properties and utilise them in skin care that harmonises body, mind and soul.

Dandelion has many powerful benefits, including a cooling effect that helps soothe sore muscles and speed up regeneration. It’s also great for detoxification and calming the nerves.

We also appreciate the plant for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Great for normal to oily and combination skin.

We appreciate thyme for its warming properties that are particularly helpful in treating respiratory diseases. Calming from inside, thyme also aids relaxation.

Wild thyme boosts blood circulation and is recommended for normal and combination skin.

Yarrow improves tonicity and is wonderfully suited to treat varicose veins. We use it to help regulate and balance your complexion.

An absolute must-try for those with oily or irritated skin, yarrow skin care is also great to calm inflammation and even soothes couperose skin.

Angelica provides regeneration, boosts your energy and has an overall harmonising effect. Enjoy renewed strength and vitality.

Angelica soothes dry skin and is ideally suited to quench mature skin. It also helps prevent stretch marks and combat cellulite.

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