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My Alpine Life Balance

Our philosophy of holistic wellbeing

Our philosophy of My Alpine Life Balance is based on the celebration of nature and a profound understanding of what our guests need most. Each of our offers can be fully personalised to your needs. At Best Alpine Wellness Hotels, we are experts in combining tailor-made treatments and the high-potent herbal extracts of our exclusive Balance Alpine 1000+ product line with targeted exercise and relaxation. The specialists at our resorts are ready to advise you and take you on your very personal spa journey.

At Best Alpine Wellness Hotels, we are also aware that needs can change, depending on the seasons, your current state of health or mood. We’re prepared to provide you with a fully personalised experience so you can get the most of your spa breaks in the mountains. It’s important to us that each of our guests can enjoy their very own path to health and wellbeing, and receive professional and competent support along the way. This is why we have created our very own spa philosophy and concept, harnessing the power of the Alps.

Your way to Alpine Life Balance

Wellnessurlaub in den Bergen

Best Alpine Wellness Hotels offers highly personalised treatments and packagesall of which draw on the healing powers of herbal extracts to deliver the best possible results for your health.

Our team of expertly skilled specialists is ready to advise you on which treatments and herbs are best suited to your body’s needs. Each of our offers can be individually adapted through the targeted application of pure herbal extracts. 

“Just like our natural environment, humans thrive on balance. However, balance is different for everyone. This is why we offer a host of different treatments, all of which can be fully tailored to our guests’ individual needs, allowing them to find their very own way to restoring balance in their lives.”

The wave marks treatments ideally suited to refresh the senses and simply relax.

The mountains represent treatments that are specifically valued for their energising effect.

The droplet represents the cleansing and calming effect of our specifically designed treatments for purification.

The tree symbolises grounding treatments designed to restore inner balance.

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