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Wellnesshotel Warther Hof

Wellnesshotel Warther Hof


50 min. € 71,-

Relax your entire body!

25 min. € 42,-

Short and Good!
Classic partial body massage which either loosens shoulders/neck, back or legs.

45 min. € 75,-

A dream made of foam!
First you relax in the brine grotto, then you are massaged with foam and sisal nests on warm stone. The effect is like a whole body peeling. You spend the rest of the time on a heated waterbed.

75 min. € 120,-

A dream made of foam!
First you relax in the brine grotto, then you are massaged with foam and sisal nests on warm stone. The effect is like a whole body peeling. You spend the rest of the time on a heated waterbed.

25 min. € 45,-

Deep inner calm!
Metabolic type and current state of condition determine the massage technique for the face and head massage that leads to deep relaxation, inner calm and free thoughts.

50 min. € 71,-

Stimulating the reflex zones on the foot
balances the functions in the entire body.

50 min. € 71,-

Die manuelle Lymphdrainage hilft schwere Beine und Kopfschmerzen zu mindern.
Das Immunsystem wird gestärkt, um aktiv in den nächsten Tag zu starten.

50 min. € 71,-

Combination of back and segmental reflex
massage on the foot or back and head massage

25 min. € 42,-

Take a break from everyday life with a pleasant head massage.

30 min. € 45,-

Sti,ulation of the connective tissue with pressure

In this treatment, your entire body is treated with warm oil in smooth rhythms and circles.

40 min. € 71,-

Is an Ayurvedic foot massage.

40 min. € 71,-

Massage of head, face, neck (front and back), decollete and shoulders with warm oil.

50 min. € 95,-

A full body massage with hot herbal stamps.

90 min. € 140,-

Shining face:
Cosmetic microdembrasion is a controlled, mechanical removal of the upper horn cells or cell layers with small aluminium oxide crystals. It is therefore a modern, effective method of intensive skin scrubbing. Ultrasound facilitates the insertion of active ingredients into deep layers of skin due to changing ultrasound pressure. Crow’s feet, acne scars, pigment disorders, tear bags and black eye edges are visibly attenuated.

80 min. € 120,-

For this treatment we use products from the Blance Alpine 1000+ series.

80 min. € 110,-

With products adapted for your skin type from Babor.

50 min. € 85,-

Mit auf Ihren Hauttyp abgestimmten Produkten aus der Linie Skinvage von Babor.

80 min. € 110,-

Ideal for blemished skin and acne. This treatment does not include a massage.

80 min. € 149,-

Maximum lifting effect!

50 min. € 98,-

Look fresher immediately!

Spoil your hands with an exclusive manicure.

25 min. € 42,-

Nail clipping, hand bath and care.

Activate tired feet with a comfortably warm foot bath and scrub.

80 min. € 91,-

Scrub, pack and massage are included in this wellness package.

50 min. € 71,-

A full body scrub and an algae pack activate your lymphatic system and remove the taxins from your body.

30 min. € 38,-

An all-natural Swiss pine bath will give your body and your muscles deep relexation in the hot water.

30 min. € 38,-

Relieves the respiratory passagers, has an anti-inflammatory effect and benefits you not only in case of a cold.

30 min. € 42,-

Particularly gentle and moisturising pack.

30 min. € 42,-

Wertvolle Wirkstoffe aus dem Meer entschlacken, straffen und erhöhen die Spannkraft.
Meereskraft auf Ihrer Haut.

30 min. € 35,-

Particlarly gentle and moisturising pack with coconut oil which soothes and nourishes dry, irritated skin.

25 min. € 35,-

Hand bath, scrub and hand massage.

Spa Packages

€ 200,-

2x personal training of choice (á 50 min)
1x fascia treatment (70 min)
Unlimited usage of FitVibe
Tips and tricks for training at home

€ 280,-

The power of grapes!
1 Vinoble Pro Youth Microneedling incl. derma roller for your home
1 Pedicure
1 Partial Body Massage

€ 215,-

The allrounder program for men!
1 Vinoble facial treatment (50 Min.)
1 Pedicure
1 Full Body Massage

€ 200,-

Manicure with UV coat
Pedicure with UV coat
Hand and foot bath with massage

€ 270,-

Babor microdermabrasion facial treatment
Manicure with UV varnish
Ägyptos Quick

€ 130,-

Venus package
Head massage
Foot bath and massage
Partial body massage

€ 230,-

Babor facial treatment (80 min)
SPA manicure
Head massage

€ 220,-

Balance Alpin 1000+ facial treatment (80 min)
Permanent Body Contour

€ 370,-

Lomi Lomi
La Stone