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Having time is our biggest luxury. And it's even nicer to enjoy that luxury together.

1 "Dream" beauty bath for two
2 Relaxation massages
1 Our in your own private spa
2 Glasses of Prosecco and a plate of fruit

The Japanese technique releases energy blockages. Shiatsu literally means finger or thumb pressure. In practice, however, this technique can also be performed with the palm, elbow, foot or knee on the pressure points. Simple stretches, rotations and pressure activate the life energy and the self-healing powers. Shiatsu also includes techniques from the physiotherapeutic and osteopathic fields. Shiatsu has a positive effect on joint problems, spinal and back problems, digestive problems and much more.

50 min. € 85,-

The newly developed application "Movement Fascination" is part of the Balance Alpine 1000+ method. It is based on the latest sport and movement science principles. The combination of fascia treatment and classic massage techniques releases tension and adhesions in the muscles and fascia.

50 min. € 85,-

This massage treats the back and neck with a combination of classic massage and hot stone therapy. The warmth of the stones provides an intensive deep effect, relaxes the muscles and increases blood circulation. Even stubborn tensions are released and the acid balance is optimised.

245 min. € 228,-

This holistic regeneration programme is like a little escape from your everyday life.
1 Pamper bath, 20 minutes
1 Facial, 55 minutes
1 Manicure, approx. 1 hour
1 Pedicure, approx. 1 hour
1 Whole-body massage, 50 minutes

180 min. € 314,-

Enjoy "the wonderful lightness of being" together, with a glass of champagne and fresh fruit.
1 Rose oil bath for two
2 Sea salt peels
2 Mud packs in the steam sauna
2 Applications of aromatherapy oils


€ 0,-

All day during summer and in winter from 3.30 p.m.