Natalie Plank

Spa receptionist and mental coach at Alpenresort Schwarz

Natalie Plank is a long-standing member of the Alpenresort Schwarz team. As a receptionist she assists guests in booking their very personal spa experience and provides advise on the treatments that are best for them. She’s involved in devising individual health programmes and offers deep relaxation in her sound therapy sessions. Her qualification in Peter Hess sound massage and knowledge of healing plants are a great asset to our spa offers. Natalie Plank is also a mental coach, ready to inspire with talks such as during the ME Holistic Days. Her calm and genuine personality make her the ideal host for yoga and relaxation retreats, making guests feel welcome throughout their stay.

The health expert inspires complete trust in her guests and thrives on seeing them benefit from her guided meditations in so many different ways. Seeing her guests leave her sessions fully relaxed and revitalised gives her motivation and a deep sense of content. She’s always happy to take the time to sit down and provide individual advise, which is also one of the many reasons why her team and the hosts love her.

Natalie Plank is married and lives a down-to-earth life in her quiet home in the mountains. She loves going on camping trips and can best recharge her batteries when spending time outside in nature.

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