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Wellnessresidenz Alpenrose

Wellnessresidenz Alpenrose


50 min. € 72,-

Rely on the expertise of our perfectly trained massage experts, who will work on your problem areas in a targeted manner. The special effect is enhanced by the choice of the ideal oil: arnica milk increases blood circulation, has a cooling effect, increases performance, helps with muscle regeneration, ideal before or after sports. Vinoble grape seed oils with lemon balm or cedar are an aromatic-healthy experience in itself.

25 min. € 45,-

75 min. € 115,-

The entire body is anointed in a regular rhythm with healing oils individually tailored to you. Strokes and circles over special vital points (Marma massage) bring the body energies to flow again.

90 min. € 135,-

Forehead oil infusion with full body ayurveda

80 min. € 98,-

Full body massage in combination with a head, neck or foot reflexology massage.

80 min. € 98,-

Holistic energetic treatment with hot lava and cooled marble stones. By alternating the application of the stones we stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow. Tensions are released, the energy system is charged.

90 min. € 135,-

Soothing Hawaiian music, warm coconut oil and repeated large-scale flowing touches - gentle, pressing, stroking, stretching - help the body and soul to relax and become free.

75 min. € 95,-

Detoxifying, decongesting, draining. A gentle, harmonizing form of massage that reduces swelling and supports the detoxification process in the body.

55 min. € 45,-

A "fragrant" thing for little girls and boys. After the delicate milk bath their children are wrapped in a sweet chocolate wrap.

25 min. € 42,-

Feel-good treatment for the youngest guests with
the natural baby and children's oil, which contains particularly soothing active ingredients.


50 min. € 80,-

Cleansing, peeling and spagyric moisturizing of the skin. Followed by: harmonization ritual, eye care, neck, décolleté and face massage, moisturizing mask and final care.

€ 69,-

€ 94,-

€ 79,-

€ 94,-

110 min. € 165,-

The treatment begins with a relaxing herbal foot bath. Then your back is loosened with a warm herbal stamp massage. This is followed by a moisturizing and smoothing hand pack and the Balance Alpine 1000+ Vitality facial treatment. The treatment concludes with a head and hand massage and a day care.

80 min. € 95,-

Individual care for face and neck.
Cleansing, peeling, face mask, eyebrow correction, mask depending on skin type.

80 min. € 145,-

Using vacuum technology and distilled water, the skin is thoroughly cleaned. Hornifications, impurities and dandruff are effectively and gently removed from the face. The skin can breathe better and is ready to be intensively cared for. Cleansing, peeling, aquapeelation, mask, facial massage and final care.

Detoxifying and purifying

€ 475,-

AlpineHealthcare® - Basic services plus
1 Detox base body pack in the soft pack couch
1 Detox foot reflexology massage with liver wrap and abdominal massage
1 Session of personal training
1 Detox deacidification massage with alkaline bath (110 min)
1 Detox pulsation therapy with alkaline bath (90 min)
1 Detox massage - deep cleansing (80 min)

€ 525,-

Consultation and pulse taking, anamnesis, nutrition and lifestyle consultation, Ayurveda yoga, workshops on Ayurveda topics as well as meditative relaxation programs.
1 Abhyanga-Mardana (full body treatment)
1 Shirodhara (forehead casting with high-quality oil)
1 Head and face massage
1 Foot massage,
1 Vital point massage
1 Special treatment individually tailored to you

120 min. € 230,-

Pampering ritual that appeals to all the senses and increases mental well-being. You begin your hours for two with a relaxing rose petal foot bath. In addition, we serve rose prosecco and fresh fruit. Afterwards, we will pamper you with an Ayurvedic Garshan silk glove massage, which provides silky soft skin. This is followed by a private sauna session together and gets you in the mood for the soothing rose oil aroma massage. The rich nourishing pack provides a velvety feeling on the skin. Sweet homemade temptations invite you to a final rest in the cozy waterbed.

75 min. € 75,-

A steam bath relaxes the muscles. Next Dad is treated to a Tibetan sound massage, whilst Junior enjoys a soap foam massage. Then a bathtub with a tingling bath awaits the two cool guys.

50 min. € 75,-

Gentle and fragrant Papaya peeling for the entire body in a steam shower. Vanilla foam dream: the two of you plunge into an exquisite foaming vanilla bath. Gentle and sweet: to finish off you are treated to the finest of body care with vanilla body lotion. The daughter will receive a small gift from us.


50 min. € 105,-

Osteopathy is a holistic method that uses the hands for diagnosis and therapy. The most important fundamentals are the functioning of the human body as a unit, its ability to self-regulate and self-heal, and the interplay of structure and function. Osteopathic treatment aims to correct limitations in the mobility of structures and tissues and to restore physical and mental well-being.

50 min. € 75,-

With your personal trainer you will learn the ideal exercises for you and avoid wrong training. This is the perfect way to take home plenty of tips and exercise instructions. You will notice how different an exercise feels when your personal trainer is coaching you. We offer you a customized sports program.

90 min. € 125,-

Pain therapy according to Liebscher & Bracht is based on the knowledge that pain is primarily alarm pain of the body, which indicates already existing, but also impending damage.
The goal of LNB pain therapy is to delete the incorrect programming in the muscles. This brings the body back into muscle dynamic balance and the alarm pain stops.

All Best Alpine Wellness Hotels are closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic (Coronavirus).