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Alpin Resort Sacher

Alpin Resort Sacher

Wellness und Spa

50 min. € 91,-

This treatment includes skin analysis followed by a beauty ritual, cleansing, exfoliation, spagyric moisturizing of the skin, bespoke facial massage, moisturizing mask and finishing care.

80 min. € 158,-

Even with the best care your skin is exposed to the adverse effects of environmental pollution or air-conditioned rooms. Protect your skin gently and safely with an energizing oxygen treatment. In this individual treatment with 98 % pure oxygen concentrate, the selected active ingredients are channelled into the skin effectively and intensively using the Oxygen Energy Applicator. The enhanced oxygen supply immediately promotes blood circulation and stimulates the renewal processes of the skin – it feels fresh, radiant and healthy.

80 min. € 139,-

Applying a combination of fascia therapy and other specific techniques such as lymph drainage, connective tissue or spagyric massage and cupping, tensions and adhesions of muscles and tissue structures are released. The result: sustainable mobility and freedom of movement, relief of the musculoskeletal system and release of blockages as well as accelerated muscle recovery.

25 min. € 50,-

The therapist uses gentle pressure and special kneading techniques to respond specifically to your individual needs. This classic massage is perfect to alleviate tension and to mobilize the connective tissue.

50 min. € 95,-

The therapist uses gentle pressure and special kneading techniques to respond specifically to your individual needs. This classic massage is perfect to alleviate tension and to mobilize the connective tissue.

50 min. € 105,-

Enjoy our special sports massage after cross-country skiing or a long hiking tour. Relax with a warm herbal pillow under your shoulder and neck area, while we pamper you with a pleasant massage of the thighs, calves and feet with camphor oil which has a stimulating effect on the blood circulation. In addition, special massage techniques release muscle tension in the shoulder-neck area.

Feel at ease and relax in quality time together. Our luxurious Private Spa is located in the spacious Spa Chalet of our 5-star superior wellness hotel. Enjoy your personal quality time in an atmospheric ambience with exclusive furnishings that leave nothing to be desired for.

The private area is available either full day or half day, according to your individual desires. A soothing massage or special wellness treatments can be booked extra while using the private spa.

80 min. € 149,-

Enjoy a relaxing, gentle body massage with intensive care products specially tailored to your needs. Choose pure, slightly warmed coconut oil for intensive conditioning of especially dry skin, coldpressed avocado oil to support the functioning of particularly delicate skin or ivy gel and menthol oil for strengthening tissue and skin layers. To round off the experience, let yourself be pampered with a touch of the Caribbean. Select your favourite body lotion with coldpressed avocado oil and the fragrance of pure bourbon vanilla, the Caribbean tiaré flower or the especially fine scent of the lily.

50 min. € 98,-

The pleasant and deeply effective facial treatment activates the metabolism. The peeling removes the excessive cornification of the skin. The mask applied afterwards provides the skin with a lot of moisture. The final care and a hand massage complete the pampering program.

50 min. € 81,-

This pampering body mask provides the skin with an intensive moisture boost and is a pleasure for all the senses. The absorption of the mask is intensified by a wonderfully fragrant relaxing massage with coconut or avocado oil. Your entire skin takes on a visibly improved appearance and velvety smooth texture.

80 min. € 140,-

This special facial treatment contains an individual type determination, followed by a deep effective cleansing with peeling. A spagyric moisturizing of the skin, tailored to your needs, a soothing facial massage and moisturizing mask refine the skin‘s appearance. Relax with the final hand massage and final care.

Literally translated, Shiatsu means “finger pressure”. Its origins lie in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine. Shiatsu is a sensitive, attentive and very effective work on the body which activates the body’s natural self-healing powers and releases blockages in the energy flow. Shiatsu treatments are done through comfortable clothing on a floor mat.

The special massage and stretching techniques make the whole body supple and loose. The massage is performed on the floor on a mat specially designed for this purpose. The motions are carried out in slow, meditative sequence along the energy paths of the body and are usually completed with stretching. Muscles and tendons are relaxed, blockades
released and energy paths opened. The body is harmonized and the result a feeling of lightness and flow of life energy.