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Naturhotel Waldklause

Naturhotel Waldklause


50 min. € 80,-

This body massage is a deep-acting treatment that is attuned to the current vitality status. This massage is part of a holistic treatment method based on Traditional European Medicine (TEM). Depending on individual needs, the treatment is carried out with a special, highly potent alkaline massage oil and the addition of alpine herbal essences. The result is a profound balance of musculature, tissue and soul - according to the principle of Paracelsus.

25 min. € 42,-

Intensive treatment for the back.

25 min. € 48,-

80 min. € 98,-

La Stone is a soothing combination of massage and warm stones. The stones are placed on the energy centres of the body, blockages are released. A full body massage with these warm stones will put you into deep, blissful relaxation.

80 min. € 110,-

This intensive massage specifically addresses complaints in the head, neck and shoulder area. The massage is individually tailored to your needs. With a combination of massage grips and deep strokes with arnica herbal oil, muscle stiffness and tension are released. This intensive massage gives you well-being, relaxation and inner peace. The treatment lasts 60 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of after-rest with warm neck-herbal pillows on our infrared relaxation couch.

50 min. € 80,-

Intensive massage suited to your individual needs

100 min. € 125,-

This massage performed lying on the floor, on a special mat. The grips happen in a slow and ruminant sequence along the energy courses of the body and are concluded mostly by a tension.

€ 238,-

BASIC facial-care programme
*Minimum Duration of Stay: 2 Nights

€ 160,- € 185,-

BASIC facial-care programme
Part massage with steam-heated herbal stamps
*Minimum Duration of Stay: 2 Nights

€ 150,-

Partial body massage with steam-heated herbal stamps
Herbal wrap for the joints
Herbal footbath with foot massage
Whole body massage with steam-heated herbal stamps
Head and facial massage

Resting periode with warm herbal cushion on our infra red bed

*Minimum Duration of Stay: 2 Nights

80 min. € 185,-

Classic whole body massage


For healthy and beautiful feet

For healthy and beautiful feet

50 min. € 82,-

The treatment starts with a classification of your skin typ with the Balance Alpine 1000+ Methode. We start with a face cleansing and peeling, afterwards spagyric moisturising of the skin. Followed by the harmonisation ritual, eye care, neck and décolleté facial massage, moisturising mask and final care.

80 min. € 110,-

At the beginning the skin is cleaned and the current state of the skin is controlled. A facial massage with special agents prepares the skin for the light deep cleaning. The treatment is rounded off by a poultice and an individual care.