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1x Mylife Changer Organic Facial Balance & Beauty | 65 mins
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This treatment restores skin balance with a refining and smoothing lactic acid peel and a bioenergetic lymphatic massage to heighten your skin’s natural ability to self-regulate, actively combatting excess tissue fluid. Wellbeing, profound relaxation and increased skin vitality are the noticeable outcomes of the resulting inner harmonisation. A tailored serum and powerful mask sustainably intensify the result. This is natural high-tech for a smooth, relaxed and radiant complexion.

€ 135,00
Total price € 135,00 incl. VAT and excl. visitor’s tax
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Fitness and wellbeing
Full body massage 50 min. € 68,-
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Tyrolean propolis honey foam treatment 55 min. € 78,-
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Herbal Stamp Massage Permanent Contour Back Intensive 45 min. € 68,-
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Small bouquet € 30,-
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Underground parking space € 3,-
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Breakfast € 28,-
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