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Hotel Hochschober

Yoga with Amiena Zylla

5 Nights
11.06. - 16.06.23

What do face, body and manifesting have to do with each other, you ask? All! Do you know that feeling when you look at yourself in the mirror and you like what you see and vice versa, when you are not feeling well and you prefer not to look at yourself in the mirror? Unfulfilled desires and dissatisfaction are noticeable on the face and body. Coming from the outside in is the motto. If we feel comfortable in our outer shell, it is easier for us to arrive at our inner home. Our skin, but also our fascia, are our largest sensory organs. The more caresses they get, the more they express their gratitude by gifting us with smooth, firm skin and supple connective tissue. Bodywork coupled with the secret of how our desires can become reality results in the complete package for a happy life. Experience how the unique mix of face yoga, classic yoga styles, as well as fascia yoga and coaching techniques give you a new attitude towards life and learn how a small stone called Gua Sha helps us to age well.

  • including Yoga with Amiena Zylla
  • 2 to 3 courses a day
  • Our yoga retreats are only bookable as a whole
Summer exterior view | Best Alpine Wellness Hotel Hochschober, Carinthia
Turrach / Carinthia / Austria
5 Nights
from € 1.945,-
per guest
Yoga with Amiena Zylla
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