Your Yoga and Pilates Holidays in the Alps -
Wellness Hotels Austria

It feels great to be successful in everyday life - but it is not always easy to simply switch off. Yoga & Pilates combined with wellness offer you the perfect opportunity to simply let go during a wellness holiday in Austria!

Take some time out for yourself during your spa holiday in one of our wellness hotels in Austria and learn the thousand year old yoga tradition for complete relaxation. The majority of our 25 hotels also offer the chance to try Pilates. This is currently a popular combination of yoga and a workout, and during a wellness holiday in Austria is the perfect training for harmony and a better feel for your body!

In many of our 25 wellness hotels in Austria and South Tyrol qualified trainers will show you the way to patience and tranquility. Under the guidance of yoga experts during a wellness holiday you will learn the perfect spiritual and physical yoga exercises (Yoga Asanas) and special breathing techniques. Qualified Pilates coaches will show you how to find a better feeling for your body and a better body awareness during your spa holiday. Combined exercises using strength, dance and coordination are intensive but also gentle and easy to learn.

Your body and soul will find their balance during your Awellness holiday in Austria and heldp you to find your inner peace and equilibrium - Yoga and Pilates at the Best Wellness Hotels Austria.

Use the opportunity to continue your training plan during your spa holiday. Best Yoga and Best Pilates in the Best Wellness Hotels Austria.

Even after your wellness holiday you can continue to practice yoga and pilates, whenever you need a bit of peace – until your next visit to a Best Wellness Hotel Austria!


Best Alpine Wellness Hotels with „Yoga & Pilates“:

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