As you make your bed, so you must lie!

The Best Wellness Hotels Austria and Engineering Sleep Concept have together developed a special sleep concept.

Mattresses, blankets and pillows created with Nano- technology cradle you to sleep in a healthy way...

Our trained sleep coaches inform you in lectures about common sleep disorders.

Well - trained sleep coaches find out individual sleep characteristics and can give advice on how to handle sleep disorders.

In many hotels you will find rooms furnished in a natural finish. At your choice we can also ventilate, moisten or fill your room with lovely smells.

This way the four walls give you enough space for daydreaming. Back at home you do not have to miss the newly discovered sleep comfort.

Once you have found the perfect mattress for yourself, order here directly!

Holidays with the Best Wellness Hotels Austria - that`s the holiday of your dreams for heavenly recreation!


Best Alpine Wellness Hotels with „Healthy Sleep“:

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