The very finest essential oils, skilful massage movements, stimulation through light, water, salts or mud apply positive stimuli that should be followed by moments of peace and relaxation. The times where rest rooms were niches painted in plain white or with simple deckchairs instead of beds are a thing of the past. Rest rooms where the purpose is to allow the body to recover after the various treatments are nowadays oases of relaxation. Simply close your eyes and rest in a protective, comfortable and warm environment.

Allow your energy to flow and forget the time. Float in a world of calm and harmony. The rest phase is in fact part of a traditional 3-phase concept. 1st phase: Warm up the body with a bath or heat lamps. 2nd phase: Massage. 3rd phase: Relaxing in the rest room Rest areas today are designed stylishly and dimensioned generously to allow the body to recover on heated beds. It often happens that you slide almost unnoticeably from a relaxing “alpha phase” to a regenerative deep sleep phase. A wellness luxury, for which there is often no “room” in daily life – in the truest sense of the word.

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