Get to know yourself!

Relaxation and Meditation - get to know yourself!
Go on an expedition and get to know yourself anew in your holidays at our Spa Wellness Hotel!

The mental wellness experts of the Best Wellness Hotels will follow you on your way to reach this goal.

They will show you how best to just let go of daily stress. For this you need to pay attention to your body, your soul but also your spirits!
We need power and energy for everyday´s life. While you meditate you get rid of ballast and you can again focus on what is important in life.

Make use of your holidays and relax in one of our Spa Wellness Hotels of the Best Wellness Hotels Austria!

With meditation and mental relaxation techniques like dream journeys, progressive muscle relaxation, 5 Tibetans, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, breathing techniques, meditation and yoga you will feel well - balanced....and extraordinarily good!


Best Alpine Wellness Hotels with „Mental Wellness & Meditation“:

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