Herbal Emperors Bath

The herbal Emperor bath is a combination of a herbal and an Emperor, or Kaiser, bath. A fresh herbal brew is prepared daily according to a traditional recipe from a mix of Alpine herbs which thrive on the sparse, steep Alpine meadows. The mixture is then added to the bath water of around 32° C – preferably taken in a copper or brass bath tub. Relax for around 15 minutes in this scented herbal bath. Afterwards your body is cosseted with quality oils before you relax on a four-poster bed covered in oat straw. The herbal Emperor bath is often offered for couples for a special romantic ambience. The herbs develop their qualities in the bath as they do in herbal or medicinal teas. This is possible because human skin can absorb and distribute the active ingredients. The careful selection of medicinal herbs means that a herbal bath can alleviate specific disorders, heal illnesses and of course boost general well-being according to each individual’s needs and state of health.

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