Learn how to cook culinary delights

In the Best Wellness Hotels Austria you will find true masters in the kitchen, that want to spoil you with nice and cultivated dishes at a festively decorated table. They would also enjoy to share their knowledge on delicate kitchen mastery with you in their cooking course!

In many of our 25 hotels in Austria and South Tyrol you have the chance to take part in an appealing cooking course at regular intervals, where you will learn how to create healthy and delicious new dishes. Learn something new about our vitality kitchen, interesting facts about healthy seasoning and a vitamin - rich top cuisine, and delicious desserts…

Enjoy the master touch on your cooking skills and get recipes and advice from the experts, before you sit down together and indulge in the delicacies that you have created in your cooking course. Let me tell you one thing: Cooking yourself in the holiday hotel of your choice of the Best Wellness Hotels Austria is a lot of fun!


Best Alpine Wellness Hotels with „Cooking Course“:

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