Using a computer-assisted program, the wellness trainer determines the personal energy profile of the client so the wellness treatments can be adapted to the current condition of each individual. I-Health is a computer-based check-up procedure which records the vitality of a person objectively. The i-health wellness supervisor converts your personal energy data and assigns each client an individual wellness plan as well as recommendations for diet and lifestyle. Wellness supervisors take a holistic approach; this method contains elements of traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and the Western approach to health. By determining the personal energy profile of a client, the wellness coach can adapt treatment to fit the needs of each client exactly through high-quality counselling. The i-health wellness check-up determines which element the client is associated with based on their energy profile. This means which system a person uses primarily to regulate their energy management. This is linked with in-depth knowledge of how an individual structures their lifestyle. Clients with a weak energy profile initially receive energy-giving treatment. This includes primarily dry and wet heat treatment in a steam bath, tepidarium, baths, infrared heat cabins, LaStone therapy, etc. If clients have a marked imbalance in energy, this can be harmonised by the wellness coach using targeted light frequency patterns directed at specific acupuncture points. This helps the body to return more quickly to a state of equilibrium and also accelerates the regeneration process.

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