Moon gymnastics

Targeted exercise at the right moment. The moon is considered to be the metronome for Nature’s rhythms. Moon gymnastics are based on the signs of the zodiac where the moon is currently located. The signs of the zodiac are assigned to certain organs and parts of the body.


Aries: head, eyes, nose and brain

Taurus: cervical spine, neck, throat, jaws

Gemini: shoulders, thymus, arms and hands

Cancer: organ exercises, liver, stomach, gall bladder, lungs, breast

Leo: exercises for the spine, back and heart

Virgo: digestive organs, spleen

Libra: exercises for hips, kidneys and bladder

Scorpio: exercises for the pelvic floor

Sagittarius: thighs and veins

Capricorn: breathing exercises, bones, joints, knees and skin

Aquarius: exercises for the veins, lower legs

Pisces: exercises for feet and toes

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