Feng Shui

Feng shui is a very old doctrine of harmony from theFar Eastand investigates the possibilities of how people can live most effectively in harmony with their surroundings in order to achieve the maximum of well-being, happiness and satisfaction. This doctrine of harmony focusses mainly on the design of buildings and land, analyses the different forms of energy (chi) acting on us and attempts to suppress unfavourable effects on us or to increase beneficial influences. The life force can flow freely; yin and yang are in a balanced flow.

Feng shui translates literally as “wind and water”. Wind symbolises the power and energy of Heaven, while water is the power of the Earth. Feng shui originated inChinaand is based on the 2,000 year old Taoist understanding that people can only be healthy and happy when the environment they live in harmonises with the life force of the cosmos.

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