Bäderwelten in den Best Wellness Hotels Austria

Baths have become an essential part of the wellness culture. Most times it is the warmth that brings on relaxation, and the feeling of floating in the water, combined with essential scents that balance the soul.

The addition of essential oils (e.g. rosemary) acts as a stimulus, but is also dependent on the temperature. Up to 36 degrees a bath is stimulating, above 38 degrees it is relaxing.

Baths last for about 20 minutes, loosen muscle tensions and open the pores of the skin. Longer baths are a strain on the circulatory system and dehydrate the skin. It often helps if you wash down with a cold jet of water after the bath, as this causes the blood vessels to constrict.

The addition of essential oils or substances like almond milk extract etc. have a special effect on the body. Several baths have therefore become part of the wellness culture in the last couple of years.

After the bath it is recommended to rest for the same amount of time. A massage is the more effective after having enjoyed a bath as the muscles are already less tense.

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