Hotel & Rooms - Included services - Hotel Hochschober



Free Internet access via WLAN is available throughout the hotel. Additional computers with Internet access are available on the first floor of the hotel that can be used free of charge.


Baby service, children’s villa and youth club

Hochschober has always been understood as a hotel for people of all generations. We have been offering professional child care and an extensive baby service for a long time. Giving parents or grandparents timeout on holiday. The youth club is a meeting place for teenagers.


Bringing along dogs is generally permitted with the exception of the hotel restaurant.

Car Park

A free car park is available to our guests right in front of the hotel



Free Internet access via WLAN is available in all rooms.


Bus / Train

  • Südbahn: to Unzmarkt, onwards with Murtalbahn up to Predlitz or by bus / taxi
  • Tauernbahn: to Spittal/Drau, onwards with bus or taxi
  • By motorail: to Villach or Munich


Inexpensive direct connections to Klagenfurt (60 km) or Salzburg (160 km) are available.