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Best Alpine Wellness Hotels care about the environment

The greenhouse effect and its consequences are not of only of concern to climate researchers. The motto of Best Alpine Wellness Hotels is to do more for the environment, together.

CO2 footprint

Together with ClimatePartner, a company specialising in climate change consulting based in Vienna, the primary data of all members of Best Alpine Wellness Hotels were evaluated as a basis for emissions calculations. To do so, each hotel provided extensive survey results such as the location, heating energy and electricity usage, arrival and departure of employees, consumption rate of cleaning supplies and food. The CO2 footprint represents an inventory (emissions balance). By further analysis of the CO2 footprint, a company is able to identify potential ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (emissions analysis). During this first stage so-called quick wins can be identified and the appropriate measures put in motion. To develop middle and long-term measures, a more in-depth analysis of the various business activities, processes and behavioural patterns was necessary.  

Locally produced products are a priority

On the breakfast buffet we want to have organic specialities instead of fruit flown in, fresh butter from farmers and homemade jam instead of pre-packaged portions: this is positive for more than just the CO2 balance. The Best Alpine Wellness Hotels kitchen staff give absolute priority to products from the local area, also because guests value authenticity and the complete freshness of products to enrich the flavour: in many cases herbs, dairy products, trout and meat come from their own garden, farm, herd or pasture. In 2012, all Austrian companies can become certified and labelled as “Culinary HeritageAustria”. This will allow Best Wellness Hotels Austria to contribute to the conservation of the roots of Austrian food and drink culture, recipes and stop typical Austrian agricultural raw materials from disappearing.


Alpienne: 100% natural and climate neutral

From the outset, Best Alpine Wellness Hotels supported the usage of traditional alpine remedies such as arnica, St. John’swort, propolis, marmot oil and many others. Best Wellness Hotels Austria is the first supplier and vendor of Alpienne and with them have produced products that are climate neutral (no carbon footprint). All hoteliers in the group swear by the 100% natural cosmetics line from Tyrol: grown in the wild, handpicked and processed by hand, so that the guests can enjoy their pamper session with a clear conscience.

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