What is spagyric?

The overall concept of BALANCE ALPINE 1000+ is carried out using essences gained from spagyric processes and their further development and application. The spagyric is a holistic treatment method of traditional European medicine (TEM). It is based on strengthening self-healing on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

  • Yarrow to balance warm/damp metabolisms
  • Wild thyme to balance cold/damp metabolisms
  • Mountain Dandelion to balance warm/dry metabolisms
  • Angelica to balance cold/dry metabolisms

Angelica is the most important medicinal plant in traditional European medicine. It has a particularly grounding effect. It is therefore included as a spagyric ingredient in all Balance Alpine 1000+ products.

What is so special about spagyric essences and what gives them the power to work on all these three levels (mind, body, soul)?

The secret lies in the exceptional and complex production. The first hint is in the word spagyric itself: It comes from Greek and means to separate and join together. In practice the production is simply the use of whole medicinal plants. They are put into alcohol, the active ingredients are removed, fermented and finally distilled. The residue is incinerated (mind and soul) and then the mineral content of the plants (body) are dissolved in a distillate. This process is repeated many times until the high-energy essences have been fully extracted. The tradition of spagyric production dates back to ancient Egypt and is an alchemistic method. Paracelsus made great use of spagyric prepared medicines. He was the founder of modern holistic natural medicine.