As of now in the Best Alpine Wellness Hotels you can treat yourself with exclusive care products and treatments from the “BALANCE ALPINE 1000+” range. These focus on restoring the natural balance of body, mind and spirit through the basic principles of traditional European medicine, combined with the age-old spagyric art of healing and carefully selected herbs, which have been grown at over a thousand metres above sea level. 

Best Alpine Wellness Hotels have made it their task to develop a “balance/experience concept” using the original Alpine power sources combined with the latest knowledge and traditional European medicine. This offers guests their own formula to find physical, mental and spiritual balance and rejuvenation.

The scientific basis of traditional medicine was examined; the Alpine region in particular has a wealth of experience and methods that have almost been lost through the ages. “BALANCE ALPINE 1000+” combines this knowledge and thanks to the involvement of experts in this field, creates an overall concept that is unique in this concentrated form:

  • The purity of medicinal plants that are organically planted, grown and harvested in Austrian Alpine pastures at over 1000m above sea level.
  • The use of herbs that particularly suit European typology, that go back to the teachings of Hippocrates and are the basis of both monastic and traditional European medicine.
  • Processing these herbs based on the knowledge of the acid-base balance of the metabolism and the skin
  • The use of genetic and energetic ancient knowledge of each person as to what is good for them and the ability for self-revitalisation
  • The vital (= life-sustaining) power of certain herbal extracts in specific dosages
  • The active ingredient extraction which takes into account alchemistic recipes with state of the art natural cosmetics manufacturing technology for holistic and effective products
  • The development and production of all products using highly-specialised production processes, even if parts of the recipe are hundreds of years old
  • Application and recipe formulae that take into account the patient’s physiological and psychological sensors during a spa treatment.